• Current Solo: Han Feng Art Space, Shanghai, until November, 2019.

• Upcoming Solo: James Freeman Gallery, London, 10th January 2020 - 1st February 2020. 

With her sensitive style of expression, British painter Gill Button conveys the fascinating beauty of life in oil paintings, watercolours and ink drawings. Equally passionately capturing a look on someone’s face, a mood, an attitude or the simple poesy of a faraway landscape, she translates intuitive thoughts into works of art. 
« From Iceland to Lalaland », her first solo show at Âme Nue, invites us to contemplate an adventurous story of the imaginary. A narrative exhibition to be experienced as a ballade through landscapes and portraits, including intimate views inside her travel sketchbooks. Opening with a colourful journey through souvenirs of people and places, toward an atmosphere of secrecy, a black and white portrait gallery, the viewer walks through Gill Button’s moments of life, thoughts, and emotions.

Liberty Adrien, founder and curator, Âme Nue gallery.
Gill Button’s paintings draw from the constant stream of images that flash before us in the media. Her muses are fashion icons or fleeting glimpses of models which she then interprets with a fluid, gestural style. Echoes of recognition and subtle studies of patterns hint back to her source material, but there is something much more personal in Gill’s work. Appropriated images become invested with feelings; portraits of strong identities are tempered with the fragility of fame. Gill uses the public eye as a frame through which to channel emotional identification so that her works become less about the subject, and more a question of the emotional makeup of the image, and of how the viewer gives them meaning.

James Freeman, founder and curator, James Freeman Gallery.
The UK-based Gill Button’s paintings are done in a playful, painterly hand that makes the visages, coifs, and poses of high fashion both intimate and accessible. Like the stray wisp of hair framing the face of the immaculate model or the untucked edge of a t-shirt holding a look together, the confident, fluid brushwork of @buttonfruit’s illustrations make beauty and glamour ever more beautiful and glamorous by rendering the imperfect details—slight asymmetry; the palette of colors that make up the purplish blue shadows under an eye. Forget Photoshop or airbrushing: the magic is in seeing every stroke, every painterly decision. The illustrations are sleek, fluid, and effortless—the artistic equivalent of that hip, disaffected friend you adore and secretly wouldn’t mind emulating. Tightly cropped on Instagram, the compositions pull the viewer up close and personal: @buttonfruit’s fashion portraits are at once confrontational and cool, intimate and vulnerable.
In her riff for #GucciGram on the #GGCaleido and #GGBlooms prints, @buttonfruit gives the model a sharp, intelligent gaze; she’s a woman who knows how to get what she wants, and she’s dressed to do it. The artist’s characteristically fluid brushwork and eye for color render patterns in confident, crisp detail; it’s dazzlingly clear and refreshing to look upon.

Larissa Pham for Gucci

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Solo Exhibitions:

• Current: Han Feng Art Space, Shanghai, until November, 2019.

• Upcoming: James Freeman Gallery, London, 10th January 2020 - 1st February 2020. 

• From Iceland to Lalaland: Âme Nue, Hamburg, Germany, 2nd - 24th March, 2018

• Eye Of The Day,de Bijenkorf, Amsterdam: 13th March - 3rd June 2017

• The Divine Marchesa,Less is More Projects, Paris, 1st October - 26 November, 2016

• The BluebirdLondon, 19th Feb - 4th March 2016

Duo Exhibitions: 

• Muse, James Freeman Gallery, London. 13th July - 4th August 2018 (with Sikelela Owen)

• PortefoinParis, France: 1st - 28th February 2018 


Select Group Exhibitions:

• Museo ABCMadrid, 14th Jan - 26th May, 2019

• Studiolo 02, Galerie de Valois, Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris, 22nd March - 20th April

• December, James Freeman Gallery, London, 1st December 2017 - 6th January 2018
The Great Women Artists, Mother London13th - 17th November 2017
• Jardin du Palais Royal, 145, Galerie de Valois, Paris: Less is More Projects group show 13th October - 18th November 2017
• Drawn In, group show Wilding Cran Gallery, LA: 16th - 30th August 2017
• Moving KateThe Mass Gallery, Tokyo, 30th June - 30th July, 2017
• Flora, Showstudio, London: 22nd May - 14th July, 2017
• Studiolo 01, Galerie de Valois, Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris, 11th May - 24th June 2017

• YIA Art FairBrussels: with Less is More Projects 20 - 23 April 2017
• Room CapacityBerlin, Gallery Weekend Berlin: April 2017
• Showstudio, London: Moving Kate: 20th February - 20th April, 2017
• LondonArt Fair, James Freeman Gallery: 17th - 22nd January, 2017
• YIA Art Fair, 20-23 October, 2016, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris(with Less is More Projects)

•Gallery 8, London- September, 2016
• Decadents, 4 artist show, James Freeman Gallery, London: 14th July - 5th August, 2016
• Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia, London: 28th June 2016 - 3rd July 2016, 
• YIA Art FairBrussels: 20 - 24 April 2016, with Less is More Projects
• 2015 YIA Art FairParis(3 person show with Less is More Projects)
• 2014 Threadneedle Figurative Art Prize, Mall galleries, London
• Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
• Coningsby gallery, London




Photo by Ewout Houbers, taken during Artist's Residency at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam.  Room on The Roof residency in partnership with The Rijksmuseum.

Photo by Ewout Houbers, taken during Artist's Residency at De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam.

Room on The Roof residency in partnership with The Rijksmuseum.


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